The frenzy of guessing as many words as possible before time runs out is so addictive, you won’t be able to stop!
Challenge your friends to dictionary shots to see who is truly the best (but be warned, our challenges are not for the faint-hearted!)

What else can we tell you about Guess5?

Here’s what’s behind these five simple lines of explanation (and over 1 year of work):

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
When it comes to language knowledge, it doesn’t make much sense to speak of “levels”.
For this reason, we have created our Guess5 artificial intelligence algorithm which gets to know our players!
In this way, Guess5 is always able to propose challenging games (but not too challenging) while helping you, your family and your friends to improve your knowledge of the language.

Is there anything more fun than challenging your friends and having the chance to steal some of their Stones? (The Stones of Wisdom are the local currency in Guess5!)
In Guess5 we used the concept of poker “stakes” within the multiplayer game: in order to play a game, you will need to put in your stake and, of course, the winner takes all!
All of your social media friends can be challenged in Guess5!

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Guess5. Play, Learn, Win - cross platform multiplayer game.