Time Treasure - Social Network platform

Ever wanted to send memories into the future? With Time Treasure you now have the ability to capture unique memories and plan the right moment to share it with your friends or your-future-self. You can plan a memory weeks, months or years ahead and meanwhile we will store it securely and preserve your surprise.
Memories are in general more fun when they have matured like a good wine, but we recommend you sending it 6-12 months ahead to start with.
Now start thinking creatively and create memorable moments and share them through Time Treasure.
Use of Time Treasure: Surprise friends and family by sending them an old memory from when you had a great time together?
Record the best moments of your children's life and surprise them many years from now.
Save memories that will last a lifetime and have them on your timeline so you can always look back at them.
Be the romantic boyfriend/girlfriend and plan the right moment to share a special memory with your partner.
Send future messages to your future self
Was implemented:
  • iOS Full Cycle Development
  • Signin/Signup Features
  • Photo/Video Posts
  • Photo/Video Filters and Special Effects
  • Social Networks Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Backend