MasterCheck - Forklifts checking service automation Application

MasterCheck fast, safe, professional, and useful service automates the forklifts inspection process.


MasterCheck app features include:

• All inspection forms covering each major system and component of forklift

• Check all components and assemblies

• Comment on problems, dis-repairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance when the inspection fails.

• Send supervisor additional forms including Repair Report, Accident Report and Near Miss reports with details and photos.

• Comprehensive supervisor dashboard that includes all saved reports, analysis, graphs and photos
• All data securely and privately saved in the cloud
• Receive important safety updates through push notifications

The supervisor dashboard includes:
• A complete history of all inspections, sorted by operator or forklift allowing the supervisor to view passes and failures by any date range.
• Graphs showing the best performing forklifts and operator history.
• Forms display showing the specifics of forklift inspections that failed for follow up.
• Additional forms showing the specifics of Repair Reports, Accident Reports and Near Miss reports, including all details and related photos.
• Reports can be forwarded or printed at any time.

Now the supervisor will have all of the reporting aspects of each forklift and operator at his/her fingertips – especially if required by any government body auditor as a spot check or in the unfortunate case of an accident.

The benefits of the MasterCheck app include:
• Inspections easily done without the use of paper circle check pads
• Eliminate the need to re-order paper circle check pads
• Keep forklifts in good working order
• Avoid accidents
• Inspection data accuracy
• Increased efficiency and accuracy
• Eliminate paperwork and be environmentally friendly
• Supervisor dashboard to provide fingertip access to all forms, analysis, data tracking and graphs.